The Sense of the Set

Arti Productions

Arti Productions Corp. was founded in 1985 under the name of Arti Productions Design as a set design studio. In 1991 we changed our name to Arti Productions and continued in the field of advertising productions. After the takeover of Turker Korkmaz in 1999, Arti continued his route with a new aspect and structure. From this time on Arti who brought new improvements and applications to the advertising field, continued his work with the advantages of being a team and a family and a new motto: "the sense of the set reflects the production". Arti not only brought DOPs and directors from outside of Turkey for the first time, but also gave the opportunity to the young Turkish directors to shoot their first ever works. Today nearly all these directors are at the top of their careers.

By doing so Arti made its clients and agencies win prizes both in domestic and in international competitions.

Arti provided projects to several advertising agencies since 1999. Some of them are: RPM / Radar (Pamukbank) Altinci Duyu (Osmanli Bankasi - Bosch) Artgrup / Turkcell ÇYDD Pars McCann/Erickson (Nescafe - Coffeemate - Coca-Cola - HSBC) Güzel Sanatlar (Kent - Eti)